Friday, April 03, 2009

Every confusing bit helps a little bit?

Tesco trials packaging returns scheme

Of course, if more packaging was also designed for reuse, it wouldn't need to be left behind at the store, but might find new life elsewhere.

Dumped at the store, or dumped in the kitchen bin still means dumped, though with luck the store might have more idea on getting segregated waste back in a useful form to recyclers. Nice of them to do that work.

6 weeks is short, and it would be interesting to learn what in-store or local promo there is to advise and drive shoppers to work with it. And the two (area) stores question is valid.

And is it just cardboard? My area is already well served for that on both kerbside and local skips. What about plastics?

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Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing that article. I am supportive of any "green" efforts and appreciate this store's intention to reduce packaging but ... I was struck by the fact that this seemed more about public opinion/interest rather than just doing the right thing. Personally, I think the correct amount of packaging is ... none ... and I don't need a test or other people to tell me that. If they are trying to raise awareness or get people to recycle ... wonderful. But if it's just to see if people are interested in reducing waste ... I say just reduce it ... don't ask.

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