Friday, April 03, 2009

THE TWO E's... and a big 'O'

Just having my lunch watching Pres. Obama speaking live.

He is, no doubt about it, a class act.

And I write this as he still speaks. While I will soon need to get back to work.

Now, there's a thing. Why am I working? What on? With what consequence... short, middle and long term?

The bit I caught was about fellow workers, Indians, being helped out of poverty, such that they could all have... refrigerators.

Nothing wrong with that at all, but I must say that, even though he skirted the issue in passing, I am a little unclear how this noble aim can be rationalised with much that is advocated in the realms of climate change mitigation.

Seems to me the West is going to have pretty much not just slam on the brakes with its economies, but hit reverse, whilst this acceleration takes place elsewhere. Fridges do not get bought without consequences environmentally. They need to be made, and then new energy is then required to run them.

I'm not sure the population (hold that word in mind) of the USA using less a/c in their cars is quite going to do it.... even if the economic sell is made to that voting bloc... which I doubt.

The oratory is awesome, but so far the logic is escaping me. And while fine words are better than no words (I have no solution to offer, well, that can be printed here, but then I don't get the personal 747 and limo), but I really hope the guys with the smarts have thought this one through, especially if certain areas are deemed 'no-go' or 'exceptions'.

It will be interesting to see how the MSM spins this. I think he's possibly the best we've got, but that does not make him infallible.

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