Friday, July 03, 2009

The law vs. the environment.

Often not a happy balance.

As with 'the economy' and the environment.

With my dear old Mum now ensconced, if not yet very happily, in her new nursing home, I have found myself still diverted with the consequences and fallout, and look to be a while yet.

One major aspect is the funding of her care which, thanks to her being over the £23,000 assets (inc. property value. The temptation to flog the cottage and buy a Ferrari is hard to resist in this new 'tax the saver to pay the squanderer' world) limit, is pretty much all in our court.

Hence, to help contribute to the fees, we have opted to rent out the cottage, and I am currently in full renovation mode. Oddly satisfying, if sweaty, these last few days.

One thing that has made it easier, but also inspired the blog, is that the place is totally empty. This is because, unlike the last time I was a slumlord (over two decades ago) the rules have changed a lot. And now, even though they were all there, and we have no need, or space, here, it is simply not worth going 'fully furnished'. All the electricals need annual certification, and all furniture (probably just that with material components, such as chairs and beds) need to be kitemarked. Hence it's simpler, and cheaper, to clear the joint.

I can see the reasons, and merits (even the gas check, the energy cert, electric cert... etc... which all add up to a pretty penny already. I think, after agent's fees, we'll see our first income November), but part of me does feel a pang that all this totally useful kit is now going to have to be disposed of. At long last the main house has exhausted its ability to absorb 'stuff'. Equally, the poor old tenants will need to buy, and transport when they move, a full house load.


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