Friday, July 03, 2009

Oh, Blogger

They say the most valued 'customer' is one who complains.

Well, there's one step up from that: one who writes in to help.

From Dave at Solarventi:

Don’t know what the cause might be, but Junkk.blogspot is fine with firefox, but now seems to freeze on any attempt I make to open it using internet explorer. Maybe some of the new bits and bobs you have added in are not compatible with IE? If so, it will radically reduce your readership as 95%+ of the planet’s www users are still using IE. It does the same on two machines here, one running XP and one running Win2000. Might be worth asking someone else using IE to try?

Well, I recently added some 'add this' scripts that may have been the cause, and they are now gone.

I then tried my Mac on IE. It worked...sort of. No freezing, but the page layout was all over the show, and the typeface seems to have defaulted to some 'all caps' job. It's fine on Safari and FireFox.

Readable, but not optimal on IE then.

Now tried two PCs on IE and...phew, it works fine.

With luck it was those new scripts.

Otherwise I'd have been left with asking Blogger to help with IE. Not a prospect to relish:)


Dave said...

That seems to have cured the problem.

Peter said...

Not the Mac one, mind.

Ironic, as Blogger is all cosy with them, I thought.

Ta for the heads up.