Friday, March 05, 2010


The site is like a pedigree filly: mostly she flies, but every so often we're talking Shergar deadness, along with no clue why or where.

This is specially true when we 'tinker'. Hey no omlettes without eggs:)

One major problem is that she was created on a very old platform (cutting edge in its day) and scripts have moved on. Plus she is now being tended by folk who did not build her (the engines won't take it Capt'n!') and are dealing with some very off dials.

Here's a list of what we know of currently:

Splash Page (the one you first land on with the video and latest blog/ideas)

Features currently disabled as it seems to be causing problems with access - looking into wit a new design en route

Home Page (the page you end back at internally)

The new landing page for now - OK

My Junkk (the left hand Nav Bar where you can alter your settings & stuff)

Possible issues updating existing ideas via 'edit my stuff'. New text, added/changed pictures and/or URLs via the upgraded submit ideas page may cause an error message - looking into

diRE:ctory - On some browers (certainly Safari), the alphabetical search function is 'down'. The only way to view entries is by hitting 'All' and scrolling

If you find one, please... tell us here, or via info[at]

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