Friday, March 05, 2010

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Unashamed mutual back-scratching, but that's what makes the world go around:)

Not only do the nice folk at like what is up to, they have popped themselves on our diRE:ctory (which, rather disconcertingly, seems to have lost its alphabetical search function and only works on 'All', at least on my browser. Another day; another gremlin to hut), which gets folk noticed by us, often in a good way (like blog posts, newsletter mentions, etc).

Seems safe to say that their focus is more the trade, though straying into the realms of the concerned amateur DIY type (like me).

A very simple, clean, 'does what it says on the URL' layout (unlike ... I'm on it... er... eventually).

It's dominated by the 'search' function, but this seems to work about as well as Junkk's. I deliberately mistyped plasterbaord, which threw it. Mind you, plasterboard did too, so to be fair it's hard to find what may not be in there....yet.

Probably explained by the fact that that, having opted to go via the clear category options, Partitioning didn't have an entry. It's a growing site, then.

Flooring, by example, is much better populated.

The site bills itself as setting out to help one recycle paint and building materials, but TBH it seems more a source OF materials to assist with renovation, often via reused materials retailers and/or contractors. I think the 'you' in this case is not the consumer, but more the folk o have stuff they want to pass on.

The format appears to be driven by paid classifieds, so bear in mind what you see and how you are getting it.

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