Wednesday, August 05, 2009

'Could' news

Green failures 'may hit taxpayer'

Now, there's a thing.

I am always intrigued, in matters fiscal, who constitutes the benefactor and beneficiary when it comes to 'government' largesse vs. taxpayer funding/penalty.

Nothing like a target to obscure real, tangible, and probably actually worthy aims.

Anticipate a flurry of half-baked box-ticking initiatives to extricate bonus-addicts from holes soon.

Addendum - Asian giants put the West’s targets for solar energy in the shade - 'East is East and West is West, stick it where the sun don't shine, 'cos we have the best'. Next... NZ challenges Saudi on Hydro, Chicago challenges my back yard on wind. I think this is how international 'negotiations' go, right. I feel a bit sorry for Lapland if they are in the 'West' (it's a biggish expanse), at least for half the year.

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