Wednesday, August 05, 2009

PING, and, with luck, no pong

Taking e-life into hands here. 3rd (and last) test of social posting networking service Now my blog, having tried character limited outlets such as twitter and LinkedIn. Let's also see what it does with a long URL:

If this all works, I am impressed!

Currently, twitter has worked; LinkedIN MIA, though I may be looking in the wrong places.

There is also a danger of overlaps, so sorry for any duplicates until I suss out the default settings.


Looks promising, and a definite time saver.

I do not that, of course, you do not get a Title added ( I have now done so, manually), or any Labels (ditto). Easy to follow up.

I think I'll let it simmer awhile on the few tests (Blog, twitter & LinkedIn) to see what happens over the net 24hrs by way of duplicates as the automated aggregators do their thing.

Newsnight - Send your questions for the Twitter CEO -

How on earth do I manage all the deluge of tweets I get now I am, often as a courtesy, following those who follow me in addition to he just plain worthwhile? I see Yoko Ono manages. Do she have a horde of 'people', cloning tech, a time machine... or is just a very polite, awesomely multitasking lady who needs no sleep?

At the very least how can you go through and zap all the 'Good morning's, just brushed my teeth..' to retain in archive just he nifty ones with useful info/links?

Those latter I am finding very useful.

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