Wednesday, August 05, 2009

It's alive, I tell you... ALIVE!

Just opened the post and... ta-da!... fresh from the Junkk studio the latest RE:tie prototype from those lovely folk at JIIC. No, it's not quite a work of art ready to grace your love's finger, but they do lots of other nifty stuff too!

I have a good feeling about this one. Thanks to British Library Inventor in Residence & mentor Mark Sheahan of Squeezeopen it addresses some moulding issues at manufacture, and I think there is definite potential for getting support from the greater accessibility support market.

Seeing it 'in the flesh' and using it with my big paws, I now realise it could be even smaller and still work, hence saving plastic. And the slot could be narrower for a tighter sideways fit on the tie as it pulls through, but then again we could use some 'give' and more hole means less plastic.

Certainly some shavings for savings yet. But now it is time to look at a short run in the actual material. Anyone know of a moulder who does not demand first born but might accept pints of blood?

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