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Know that 'incentive' mantra I keep chanting?

Bottle Bank Arcade

Kudos to


Here are my entries as inspired by this:
(No idea why this last one seems to be a different URL)

Took a loooong while as I had upload issues and the system couldn't cope with my 'suite'* idea, but the organisers were very helpful.

Doubt they'll be in with much of a chance now as the competition closes soon, but at least they are now in.

*One to freak out the health and safety guys, but here goes.

It has always frustrated me that many public recycling facilities involve a dirty great (heavy) steel container that requires a big-engined, high-powered truck to haul away often only a few kilos of 95% fresh air surrounding a veneer of card, glass or metal.

They are also often smelly, and boring. And no one crushes waste bottles, cans, etc because they are already confused by a plethora of do’s and don’ts regarding what’s cool and/or not.

But one thing is clear: we need to get stuff as small in volume as possible to make the most of the logistics’ systems carbon footprint. This also tends to help with recycling anyway.

Then we need to make it so people a) want to do it so they try, and try again, and b) enjoy it so much they do it again and tell their mates. So… pretty much fun, then.

Any other advantages that roll along as a consequence we’ll take as plusses. On balance, win-win-win-win-etc


RE:Gymberation RE:Spa Planet Fitness

We need venues. And where better than supermarket foyers or shopping centres, which would confer green kudos to savvy CSR marketers who can sweeten the extra traffic likely to be attracted by offering reward opportunities to those bring in the correct materials? Possibly consumers get to hand in waste in exchange for Junkk bonds to use on… eco purchases.

RE:Gymberation posits a ‘zone’, where by human energy is harnessed in the cause of greater fitness and… reducing recyclate volumes for transport.

All the shredding, smashing and/or flattening is done by one human power on a series of exercise devices that serve to not only dispose of waster materials, but in an entertaining manner.

Some could indeed be prone to misuse or vandalism – so possible solutions are sensors to divert metals or, more practically, human oversight, hence being located near staff, which also supports reward redemption. A few complementary freestanding systems are suggested, specific to particular recyclates.

What was weird is one submission included that had to be dropped (pix above), which had to be dropped:

The Whack a Can Pan – For Cans Or Cartons


Based, almost identically, on either a fairground mallet and bell concept, or the ‘Whack-a-Mole’.


The can or carton is introduced to be crushed by a wide head mallet, with the flattened result dropped into the receptacle below.

Here's why

How spooky is that? Annoyingly, it's a top 10 idea. He who hesitates - or has a less than compatible browser... is lost.

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