Wednesday, December 09, 2009

TWEET 'N LOWDOWN - Teetering Pedestals

Actually, more like a teetering tower... that of Babel.

This is my first 'round up' of yesterday's retweets.

Not sure it will work. There were so many.

Which at least serves for the point of this post.

I was once appalled to be in the midst of a council meeting where there were about twenty folk shouting the odds. Whatever the intention it was a total waste of time, effort and resources as nothing got agreed, or done.

I, and a few others there voluntarily did note that most 'officials' there were all on salary, plus expenses, whatever happened.

I can only imagine what it must be like with tens of thousands, all shouting, such that not only no one can hear each other, they but won't even bother listening.

All paid, or paid for. As are all those there to 'report' on it. Like they really care.

The planet, meanwhile, goes on, if perhaps with a tear in its eye.

If there were a few 'tweets' that stood out to me, it was these:
Right we're on air. Do climate deniers deserve to be part of this discussion? - Nice of the BBC to ask, but who are 'they', and who are 'they' asking? Ed Miliband? Voltaire (possibly) rotates in his grave.

RT @thomsmith: How can we take climate change seriously when Richard "@virgindotcom" Branson is talking about space tourism? - More crucially, when some irony deficient MSM outfits run 'sombre' climate stories and then happily send their teams off to the mojave to film rockets that don't get airborne without some stuff out the exhaust.

Could you be the winner of the Fun Theory Award!? (from @ClimateSquad) - Hope so, as I have several entries in:)

And one more* that has now dropped off the archive, which rather makes me feel that RT'ing is a pretty short term, useless facility if you want to keep an archive record. So I think I'll give up on this before I end up a messy creek sans paddle.

Twitter is good for getting stuff in and as it happens. No more.

RT'ing might help keep others on one's journey in the loop and valuing what you come across, and takes seconds, so may be worth maintaining. I'll have to see how far back favourites goes (Encouraging. I went back over a few weeks over 50 pages with no 'limit', so that might mean they are all 'held' - it is also worth 'saving', too)

But mainly I think I'll just favourite the stories linked to on my browser so I don't lose them, and use the browsing history to blog from in future.

Sorry, twitter, it's just not going to work out as I'd hoped. At least like this.

* - In addition to the message being rather overshadowed by less than green messageboard materials, I do rather wonder what the awareness that is being raised here actually is.

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