Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Resting Place, Finally

Remember our reuse competition, and its top prize bench?

And that the winners, some local kids, had kindly donated it to Ross on Wye?

Well, after a wee bit of a saga it must be said, it is now in pride of place at a major junction at the top of the town, offering a welcome rest stop to young and old alike from various schools, nearby care homes and sports facilities.

Nice to see it at last doing what it was meant to, and in a way to make the community proud.

Watch this space as there may be a tad more PR yet to squeeze from this heart-warming epic, as local handy-whizzes 'The Can-do Crew!' (name and logo created chez Junkk:) kindly installed it securely, and there was a camera on hand to send to the local media, who have been very supportive of this whole story.

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