Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Don't mention mushrooms

I would repeat the joke, but it involves where one is kept and what you are fed. So,here's a chance to not just find out, but take part: Have your say in the future of nuclear power.

So there's no excuse. Well, if you can fit it in during your free time, unpaid, wading through etc. But that's democracy, civic pride, etc. I won't be, as there's only so much I can handle, and waste is my bag, but I thought I'd share as this blog does have a watching brief on the whole nuclear thing and more than a few are interested.

At least I have now found yet another entity I'd never heard of before: The Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform. Which is, I presume, well stocked with those who are on salaries and have pots of time to sift all they are handed. Shame there cannot be more incentive to those who could offer much to be rewarded for their contributions. As opposed to getting the same old form the lobbyists and activists who usually get to dominate.

A copy of the report is available in all sorts of options, but none that I can see which glow in the dark.


Dave said...

The Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform is what was the DTI (Dept for Trade & Industry), with a couple of extra little bits added.

As I mentioned on the blog a couple of weeks ago - have this lot never heard of Gaius Petronius?

Peter said...


Now, are you and the others going to be weighing inon that site? If so, let me/us know how it goes!

One further frustration I have with such consultations is that often you can do a lot of work and never know if it was ever even looked at, much less considered.

I reckon they should have an open source blog for all submissions to be posted just to ensure it's all out there.

Dave said...

By the way - we posted this very same link back in July.
See Have your say on nuclear power

Having a holiday obviously damages your memory!

Peter said...

Repetition for effect, dear.

I just was prodded by a rather 'dry' ad in the Times.

Actually, it's a wonder I can recall what I did, much less wrote, yesterday, so it's great to have your photographic recall to keep the archives in order!