Tuesday, August 28, 2007

From the petrolhead's mouth

An interesting FAQ from the Times about the best fuel-friendly route to take between a shorter through city vs. longer free-moving option.

I'm guessing this not referring to London, though.

Meanwhile, as we are on joined up governance and the image of helping the planet vs. the reality: Public transport 'poorly linked'

Well, D'uh! One thing that has always got my goat in various comparisons between this and that vs. automotive options is what happens once you step out of the train/bus. Ignoring what or who you are lugging along, and the time pressures you are under, the sheer fact that not all of us can afford to hail a taxi to complete the trip is one heck of an extra financial burden to add on to what is already very unattractive option to the wallet. And no, the solution is not pricing the one we have to use out of reach to all but the rich... and ministers.

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