Tuesday, August 28, 2007

TUPE, brutal

That* has to get a credit from The Sun Sub-editor's subhead sisterhood.

However, I refer to a little bit of employment law that I was aware of but had not until now fully understood for the 'latest idiocy that may explain a lot': TUPE law sets off new alarm bells

No reason at all that the ad profession should not have the same protections as the rest of society, but it beggars belief that in a pitch for new business, the winner has to inherit the bozos from the losing side (who presumably were the reason for the pitch being needed - admitting it is often just down to Marketing Director insecurity/vanity).

At least it closes the loop. You can't fire anyone any more. And now you can't get rid of them by ditching their employers either. Now that's how to stay competitive.

* Ok, it's a stretch. Think Caesar's last words.

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