Sunday, September 02, 2007

And if we can get cows to burp into a mask...

First up, I am grateful for what I see as a genuinely positive example of sponsorship, namely Carbon Trust letting one have free access to the Econmist's editorial on the environment.

Which is how I came across this: The great submarine burp

Interesting stuff. Of course one has to be a tad concerned that the main thrust is in finding more sources and hence more ways to burn stuff, no matter how much better.

A shame there can't be a way to economically (and with decent enviROI) capture the raw gas (at its 25x climate damaging multiplier to our exhalations) capture the raw gas from such as Daisy or, more practically, the peat-bog, permafrost domes that I have rad may soon be issuing forth.

At least that way it is intercepting a problem to supply an extension on our energy addictions.

BBC - UK peatlands face future stress - QED

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