Sunday, September 02, 2007

"They ain't making any more of it!"

Is the self-supplied justification of, I believe, Mark Twain to his suggestion that one should 'invest in land'. And when you read such as this - Food demand and climate straining soils - you have to see merit.

Not just as a financial motive, but simple survival.

Of course, there are a few bits and bobs such as Hong Kong and Singapore that show a tad more may be added, but not much, soglobally it's not looking too great.

Though meant as a caution, I stumbled a bit on these words: "With a rising world population and biofuels, more land is needed".

Maybe it may be better to get it into the mindset that no 'more' land should needed, as that can only mean being 'converted' into anything other than what it is doing now. Which in turn surely means figuring out - quick - how to cap demand... on housing, fuel, etc, so we can dedicate what we have to supporting who we have with what it can.

You can see where I am going, but like so many, I guess I am skirting the big issue because it's not too pop...ular. But I guess obsessing on plastic bags rather than deforestation does secure a more convenient gig for the pols, media and activist brigades.

With a head well and truly done in trying to simply cope with the datafest and slanging matches of the BOFDIs and their opposing, equally well-funded talkers, I think I need to tune back a bit and concentrate on doing my little bit to reduce waste.

Newsnight - Food production

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