Friday, January 25, 2008

RE:VIEW - Which? Magazine

I was going to say that I don't usually get involved with things that cost money, but that's daft. Most things have a price. Hence I am addressing here: Which? Magazine.

It won't be a long 're:view', at least not for now, but I am doing so here for a few good reasons.

First, and to be upfront, they have kindly popped me in their PR list. I like what they are trying to do; they seem to like what I am trying to do, so backs are going to be scratched.

But mainly I think they are a good resource to consider on matters green, especially if you are thinking of blowing some serious dosh on a green product or service. As independents, these guys do allow you a more objective opportunity to weigh ROIs and even enviROIs to 'look before you leap'.

There are a few options you can consider. Just get on the sub now and see what turns up. They have a major Green commitment ongoing and so each month there is likely to be something that will simply turn up.

Or you can see what they are up to and get on one of their deals, which is usually a 3 month trial at a good rate and then see how it goes. Don't forget that with the sub comes access to the archive (lots online). So even if you don't see what you need now, if you're going to blow a wad on, say, a solar panel, it may be worth investing in a sub to see what they have to say. And throughout the year they may well upgrade, like we do here.

So, starting with this month, let me simply highlight for you (and them: what may tickle your fancy will help them, so I will upgrade in future as I get reminded by my review copies' monthly arrival):

Green products - Dyson bagless cleaners (new range), Retailers (no real green focus, mind)
Green family - onging personal experience series
How green is your home? - ongoing feature

Note: I'm doing this so much now I have prepared this little explanation that will be popped in a post where necessary to explain what I'm up to.

I this case I am kicking of a new CATEGORY on the blog, which one day I intend to mirror on the website. But as the former (thanks to Google's billions) has an awesome content management system (to add & edit links, pictures, etc) and the latter (thanks to me blowing the pension several years ago on a steam-driven version and having no more to upgrade it at the 'mo), I'm am spending a tad more time here than on the site in the hope I will get help one day to run the two in complement (which a few other inter-connecting facilities to get you, dear reader, to lots of useful stuff on a topic).

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