Friday, January 25, 2008

Roger, Over. And Out.

Bit of Friday fun: Monarch expands onboard recycling pilot

I have to say this sounded intriguing. But then I read on and realised that that some poor old plane Captain was not having surgery, being cloned or getting put out to pasture in a new job!

Good on 'em, though the words 'extending' and 'pilot' (as in programme) and 'plans to' always have me holding my breath as to what might transpire... eventually.

At least they are doing a fair bit of tangible stuff already. In fact I am amazed that more airlines are not, and required to be, doing more by now.

It reminds me of when I was an ad man with a few airline clients (bearing mind we are taking a pre-green CSR decade ago), when I was already pestering about mitigation ideas.

So I was chipping in with notions on everything from taking out the classifieds sections to the comp papers (the items will be sold by the time you get back) to having Duty Free sales as a pick up at destination on deplaning. Sadly these were usually dismissed with a patronising pat on the head.

Maybe I should get back on the blower again? Not sure what we could find to reuse en route or back home, but you never know!

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