Friday, February 22, 2008

Maybe not was intended?

Aluminium's rubbish recycling rate

Each week our kerbside guys pick up the blue RE-Box which, apparently, on average, 98% of us are correctly filling

So this must apply more to when things are less... 'convenient'.

Now, the consumer, being also the public at large, is often a busy, stressed, lazy, selfish, slovenly beast, so to get them/me/us to cooperate a few techniques can be applied.

While I can see some possible need, if not merit in the most common (fear, guilt, fine, threat, nanny) options, my way out front fave is... incentive.

Now, education is good too. But as with all the recycling ads (however much they cost), I kinda know and am hence rather uninspired by the target box-ticking wet dream that a can can become a can and wasting is bad and all the consequences, but... what else is there to light my 'end-benefit' fire a bit more?

Well, after several paras... it seems, there is, actually, this:

'If that isn't incentive enough .... there are even centres across the UK offering cash for cans to recycle.'

Ker-ching. Ta very much.

However, might this not rather cut across the bows of the various 'you do the work, we get the money' schemes out there already, and/or coming?

Just wondering.

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