Friday, February 22, 2008

The people have spoken

Or... sometimes... have been drummed up into agreeing with others who claim to speak for them?

Have Your Say: Power To The People

I have come to this via a link on an associated piece elsewhere in the publication making a more general comment about consumer power - An exciting example of what consumers can achieve

Hence my comment to this is more general, and applies mostly to: '...we want the good guys to make good profits and the bad guys to lose out.'

It all rather falls down to how good gets defined, and by whom, especially before it gets served up to the consumer to decide.

Hence you can see some quite worthy issues build up a head of steam with justified indignation and actions provoked by consumer feedback.

Sadly, you can also get a lot of short-term, narrow issue, Planet-BanIt stuff where the issues get lost in the hyperbole.

Sadly, one's trust in the more traditional organs of objective information, from government through quangos to the media, are now sadly lacking in the trust factor for this consumer to rely on anything without a lot of digging and cross-referencing.

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