Monday, March 17, 2008

I wonder what road tax they pay?

There's a trend afoot, epitomised by this: Lexus hybrid woos Sainsbury's chief

First we had Sir Stuart Rose in his 6 litre hydrogen 7 Series Beemer, now this.

Now I'm all for encouraging better environmental practice, but our national broadcaster doing commercials (it was on the main page - doubtless to show how 'we' can stop glaciers melting) for retailers and makers of high end greener-ish luxury motors, sorry, limos, doesn't seem the best way to bring it home to the masses. At least, in ways that might be taken in the inspirational way that will doubtless be claimed.

I'm opening a book on Sir Terry or (actually the others don't seem to have the PR direct dial to the BBC these others do, so don't get on that often for their names to register) being covered roller-skating (£17.99 a pair, with 10% off to viewers) over the Atlantic to visit the US operation.

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