Monday, July 28, 2008

The bigger picture

Another, new(ish) poster has suggested this link (just email with anything and I'll get it eventually).

Views of Jupiter

Having had a gander such things are most certainly worth sharing, not just for the visual joy they bring, but to also help us position ourselves more humbly in the great scheme of things.

I noticed some bloggers replying that they wished they could live there. Can you imagine? How long before our race had to move on again, having...


As we are of a naturally poetic bent today, and I am feeling naughty but NASA:

Trendwatcher: northern-lights-explained-nasa

Newsnight - worth it for all sorts of related reasons... unanswered questions on helping posters add functions, despite promises, and unanswered questions on pay deals because, well, what goes up stays up. Some live on different planets, I guess.


Cloe_F said...

... destroyed this one? Hmmm, let me see, might we manage to wipe ourselves out before then?

Here are some links to the original story:

NY Times-Battle of the Red Spots
Cosmic Log-Bye bye Baby Red Spot

Cloe_F said...

Peter, sorry but your NN link's broken - the URL should be

(the 'th_july.html' is missing)

Peter said...

Never be sorry. Ta for letting me know.