Monday, July 28, 2008

Well, it does sort of make sense ......

.... doesn't it?

This from Science Daily comments on a report by the British Medical Journal that suggests that population control is one of the better methods of combating climate change.

"The biggest contribution UK couples can make to combating climate change would be to have only two children or at least have one less than they first intended"

"each new UK birth will be responsible for 160 times more greenhouse gas emissions … than a new birth in Ethiopia."

Sooooo, the policy that dare not speak it's name gets substantive support from the medicos. I guess that we are going to see a major furore develop here before long.

Addendum - THE Register - Doctors: Third babies are the same as patio heaters - Oh, this will help. Why do I suspect a canal barge of green nappies is headed for a converted windmill as we gaze on.

Addendum 2: - (14:10) Now the Telegraph has also picked up on the story - and put it in the 'Your View' section. Should be quite an interesting set of comments developing once it gets spotted.

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Peter said...

I wonder if that stat will go down well with the Indyrati/Gaurdianistas as they stay at home more but engage in procreation fourupmanship to see who can build the most nanny annexes.