Monday, July 28, 2008

Pass the ladle, Al

Here I sit, blogging away with BBC Morning news on (first posted 20/07).

And I have just seen an 'ad' for some new, forthcoming drama called 'Burn Up'.

Now, I am all for art reflecting life, but if the trailer is anything like the show, I really hope this doesn't end up as a massive turn off, other than perhaps making viewers switch off (as over) their TVs in disgust.

I simply could not believe the size of trowel that I was being hit over the head with, and the sheer clunkiness of the message.

There was even a (I presume evil) American businessman (why is it the UK broadcast industry only seems to have about 4 actors on their books?) crying out 'God bless Global Warming' (I presume not in a 'good' way).

On the evidence I have seen so far, this is a gift to any wishing to highlight the level of propaganda being unleashed by those we should be trusting for balance and objectivity on what is a very complex issue.

I fear it may not achieve the aim intended if this is the best that can be done. Guess I will have to watch the silly thing now.

Addendum - Guardian Review

I was moved to comment to another review that cited this:

This is what the writer had to say

Maybe he's not the only one:

And my kids have had this one for ages:

I wonder which will have the greater impact eventually?

I guess I'll have to watch the thing soon (saw the trailer and it look as if the agenda had been written in using a trowel rather than a pen, and couldn't face dealing with all the 'you eco lot...' comments I'd get if I mentioned it), but will be wondering if there might be mention of any shareholder, government and/or media (inc. state) contributions to the dilemmas faced between economy and environment. Or are those to complex for the normal viewer to be exposed to?

Indy - Will BBC2's new thriller charm us into taking notice of climate change? - I must say I found this line... unfortunate, if telling (Ethical man, et al... post 'doing the green thing'): "I've done saving the world – now I'm ready to flirt with girls in mini-skirts!"

Guardian - Back to basics on climate change

Times - The finger-wagging of Burn Up - A mate has it on tape...can't wait. Even so, has the message in the watching been worth all those in the follow-up? Hmn. Again I have cause to be concerned on the qualifications of our current crop of self-appointed, and anointed 'guides to green' if the quality of their messages yet again backfire so badly.

digitalspy - Ratings 'Burn Up' for BBC Two - The people cannot be trusted to understand the issues. First in elections, and then in what they pay to have served them by way of entertainment/shaping views. Ergo... we obviously need new people. That's how it works in gv'mint and media these days, isn't it?

Gaurdian - NEW - Making a climate crisis into a drama

Still have to watch it, mind. Oh, the antcipation.

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