Tuesday, July 29, 2008


WHEN: 15 & 16 October 2008
WHAT: European Biofuels Expo & Conference
WHERE: NEWARK, Nottingham
WHAT... MORE?: From the PR:

With the cost of fuel rising on an almost daily basis everyone is
looking for alternatives. One of those alternatives is Wood Energy
& the good news is that it is sustainable too.

There are already many success stories in the UK of schools and local
authorities converting to pellet or wood burning boilers to provide
their power requirements.

The experience in Europe is that wood pellets offer a low cost, clean
burning, efficient and sustainable way of providing biomass energy,
mostly utilising waste wood that would have gone to landfill. Millions o
f households, companies and community buildings across Europe have made
wood energy their primary source of heat. The UK is set to adopt more
widespread use of wood pellets and by looking at the European experience
the UK can benefit from years of growth in this market.

Working in conjunction with the National Energy Foundation (NEF) the Wood
Energy Conference, on Thursday 16 October includes speakers sharing their
experiences of this market in Europe, mobile pellet production and the
implementation of biomass heating solutions both large and small scale.

Companies or individuals wishing to start small to medium scale production
facilities are well catered for at the show with many exhibitors showing
the latest production processes.

In addition to Wood Energy, the event will be showcasing biodiesel, biogas
and bio-home heating oil. With over 100 exhibitors and three conference
streams, anyone interested in the bioenergy market, producing, using,
implementing an alternative fuel will be able to access the information,
products and services they need.

As the home heating oil market looks to adopt biofuels, and CO2 target
legislation becomes a reality, they are working with OFTEC to
ensure that the Conference includes coverage of the key issues in the home
heating industry. UK Home Heating Oil consumption is 3 billion litres/year
and represents a biofuel growth market. OFTEC will be discussing the
transition of Home Heating Oil to a bio-based fuel and report on field trials
that are currently in progress.

HOW MUCH: £25 it seems, but they snag your details before you get to that. Not so user-friendly IMHO.
URL: www.biofuels-expo.com
COMMENTS: It's an area worth knowing more about, but bear in mind the costs and the potential objectivity of what you'll find

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