Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What goes up...

... is different to what comes out, on occasion, apparently.

Bearing in mind the BBC's commitment to the cause of promoting 'environmentally sound behaviours' (and decrying those that are less so in their eyes), I am a tad intrigued at a piece just on the Breakfast News about Space Tourism.

In a gushing commercial, er, report for one Sir. Richard Branson's latest money-making venture, a reporter has flown out to give us such gems as how very rich folk can 'enjoy stunning views'... whilst asking few questions as to the consequences of the column of greenhouse gasses they will be atop when having a gawp at the planet they have just hastened to oblivion. I am pretty sure there will be a correspondent in the first flight to accompany Sir R and get his views on biofuel Jumbos and towing planes to save fuel... eventually.

As the BBC seems fairly adept at ignoring news that does not suit its narrative, surely they could have given this jolly a pass, or at least look at the total picture.

Or is missing out on a fun trip by actually getting objective not part of a funded news organisation?

Guardian - Branson unveils mothership in latest step towards putting tourists into space - 'Among the first to fly will be the physicist Stephen Hawking, the environmentalist James Lovelock and former Dallas actress Victoria Principal.'
I guess the paper will be selling tickets. Business is business. Maybe not on the eco page when they rail against 4x4s or plastic bottles, though.

BBC - Branson unveils space tourism jet - ... to uncritical acclaim:) Ahh... now I get why: '... It has enormous weight capability, so if there were a [humanitarian] crisis in Africa it could carry enormous loads [for aid]'

Treehugger - (beat 'em by a mile!) - Virgin Galactic Unveils the World’s Largest All Carbon Composite Aircraft, WhiteKnightTwo - I am however, obviously missing something here as this effort is getting a heck of a pass compared to some others of 'confused' e-value. I think it's an awesome technological leap, but having it under the green banner seems hard to wash as green.

The Register - NEW - Branson unveils Virgin Galactic mothership

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