Tuesday, July 29, 2008

NEWS/Commercial PR - Good things in little packages

Shameless plug time.

I was recently asked if I would like a free sample of an eco-product to test. Does Al Gore not need frequent flyer miles?

And lo, they have arrived. Even more lo, or actually hi, because someone cares what we think at Junkk.com about their efforts to do better by the future, they do indeed get a mention.

Better yet, they also get to see their pack uploaded to the re:use ideas section, to show that whatever washing might be going on, there's a lot of mitigation possible too.

There may even be a RE:view to follow, as these goodies will not be wasted (Jute bag already put to good use as a fabbo 6 x bottle carrier last night) and will soon be fighting stains in our eco-wash.

Meanwhile, here's the PR, E&OE:

Washday greens

Sainsbury's is launching a new range of Sainsbury's Super Concentrated Liquid Gels, which are kinder to the environment whilst still caring for clothes, and that deliver great results time after time.

· The products are super concentrated so only half the amount of a standard liquid is used

· This lightens the load on the environment using 40% less packaging, 50% fewer lorries on the road and 50% less water

The range comprises:

- Super Concentrated Liquid Non Bio 735ml
- Super Concentrated Liquid Bio 735ml
- Super Concentrated Liquid Colour 735ml
- Concentrated Liquid Lavender and Jasmine 735ml

The products are now available at all stores at £2.48, which at 21 washes per 735 ml bottle works out at just under 12p per wash. Prices have been kept in line with their other liquid detergents and do not carry a price premium.


Shedfirkler said...

Perhaps I'm being stupid - OK, less packaging, less weight to transport, etc - but if a certain AMOUNT (sorry, can't underline in plain text) of an ingredient is required to produce a certain effect (clean clothes), then the CONCENTRATION is irrelevant. The same AMOUNT of chemical is going into the environment at the end of the wash.

Peter said...

Well, if you are, I guess I am,too.

What you outline makes sense.

I guess I was seduced by the eco..'saving' being in the niche of packaging. And, to be fair, by way of reason if not excuse, the thrust of the PR on benefits is in this direction,too.

Shows the line any who share info in the enviro-world can end up walking. When the time comes, would I/we take an ad for this product? Probably, still, yes, as it is better in one area, and than nothing.

Funnily enough I was chatting about this very issue with some new eco-chums who run a 'green' B&B, and ruefully suggsting that I really should be using ecover's new toilet cleaner in out loo but my wife wants bleach. They of course trumped even this by advising they use lemon juice and vinegar.

It might need to be a coming Prof's Poser as to what the actual damage is to our sewage system. Of course it is already bonkers that we have potable water mostly used for non-human consumption reasons, but it all ends up in the same grey (or worse colour) system. As an on-balance fan of the notion of EFW applied to this flushed material, inorganic nsaties sure can't help, so hwo are they removed and what are the consequences?

All why I pop E&EO on these efforts to invite just such a dialogue... thanks for sharing & keep the eyebrows cranked.