Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pols? Or Engineers?

Decide for yourself.

This interesting article from New Consumer argues that Engineers hold the keys to sustainable transport solutions, not Politicians.

What do I think? Well, our pols don't really have a great track record on sustainable transport, other than one of caning those of us stuck in rural areas without any options, whilst heavily subsidising urban transport systems. And engineering IS what originally made our once proud nation 'Great'.

"if low-carbon technology is to be successful, engineers must continue working towards providing viable solutions that are not only low-emission, but low in price."

Yes, yes and yes again. But what's the chance that our pols will follow through with anything like this when it is far easier to make billions out of schemes such as auctioning off the rights to CO2 emissions options? (see Peter's post below)

A simple answer ....... zilch!

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Peter said...

Well, speaking as an engineer...:)

Speaking as the blog owner, I can only envy all you others managing to seamlessly remeber hwo to html in a link.

Godd job you can, becuase my post is now 'above'.