Tuesday, October 27, 2009

According to Plan?

Suitably 'inspired', I go off message...

Hey, what's the worst that could happen? They've ignored all my efforts at trying to engage thus far.

Marks & Spencer describes its journey from corporate social responsibility to sustainability

I'd like to think many brands/retailers are committing to environmentally sound initiatives and practices for more than pure bottom line as opposed to more laudable triple bottom line reasons. But the realities are few and far between.

Sadly, from personal experience, I have found too many managers (at least at mid, gatekeeper level) exist solely on what makes a margin. The talk from on high may be there, but the walkers lower down ain't hearing... or, frankly, being encouraged much.

And the retail world especially seems to make the Russian military look like a Woodstock reunion: the climate of fear at every level is palpable, from worrying about what might not make money to wondering if they guy above will get miffed at not having had a good idea.

The odd thing is that it IS possible to make green not just for the planet, but also your consumers AND yourselves.

Just stop thinking like buzz-word marketers and start empathising as human beings with shared values.

Marks & Spencer creates 'virtual patchwork quilt' for Copenhagen Climate Summit drive - Looking for tangibles... finding few. I imagine the presentation of the patch will attract a fair bit of PR come the day, mind.

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