Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Don't just DO it...

Actually... DO do it. At least... as well, if not first.

B&Q chief launches tirade against government Act on CO2 ad

He's bang on. They are only talking to a narrow demographic that a very narrow-minded bunch feel comfortable with. All urban 'Prius person' vs. the vast national majority spread that is 'Fiesta family'.

And it's insulting to figure the latter don't care about their kids' futures or have an interest in the various arguments still being had (despite what this ad claims, so the ASA verdict on the VO text will be 'interesting').

Plus I could suggest a ton better places for £6m to go that would "DO" a lot more good than yet another box-ticking awareness campaign from one of scores of over-lapping climate quangos.

Starting with a boiler scrappage scheme that will keep jobs in the UK AND reduce emissions!

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