Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Going off the rails?

No, nowt to do with trains.

I am just wondering what has got into some sections of our political classes, and their notions of advocacy.

First we have the government just getting more bizarre in its kamikaze scorched earth end game, with such as Presidente for Life Blair and David 'sod this I need a better job than the one I'm supposed to be doing' Miliband vying for who can sell the UK out quicker to score a top EU job.

And then we have Lord Stern on climate duty, getting all fence sitters onside:

Climate chief Lord Stern: give up meat to save the planet

Of course he is right in that going veggie will make more efficient use of available food resources.

It'll make sod all difference to 'the planet'.

So 'we' give up meat (betting an all vegan diet is unlikely in the 1st class flights to Copenhagen and at all the banquets).

This buys us how long before 'we' simply expand to occupy the space and time that buys us?

Then what do 'we' forgo?

Wrong bloke. Wrong time.

And in one fell swoop he has rather tainted any possible good he might have been associated with in the past.

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