Tuesday, September 04, 2007

All in the best possible taste

I won't list them, as it's across the board, but pretty much all the media have reported on the consequences of Jamie Oliver's healthy meals campaign.

The results... have not been encouraging. Across several areas.

I have to say the collective feral lips-licking at what I do think was a sincere effort to be a little distasteful, but to sure there are lessons to be learned and also consequences being paid, and still to pay.

Mostly I am selfishly concerned at just how difficult it is to persuade people to do good , even if it is to save their own sorry hides.

If this is the result of a multimillion PRD thrust then what chance for most things 're', which are 'good' but not always fun.

Except most on Junkk.com, of course.

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