Tuesday, September 04, 2007

And not a shredded seagull in sight!

I have been keen for some good news on the alternative energy front for a while. Maybe this is it: Dutch build towering wind turbines out at sea

Seems they are learning how to build them, which is a slight worry, but nothing ventured... I just hope at the end we may end up with some definitive data on their enviROIs.

And when I read that 'It is hoped that when they start rotating in early 2008 they will cut carbon-dioxide emissions by 225,000 tonnes, helping the Dutch to meet a target of 20 percent renewable energy use by 2020', that is a real measure of value. Words liked 'hoped' and 'helping' give cause for pause, especially considering the costs and logistics. The sea and salt-air laden coast of Europe is not the easiest of environments on structures, especially those with moving parts.

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