Tuesday, September 04, 2007

He walks. He talks!

Handsome devil, no?

This is a frame of what will, with luck, soon be greeting first time visitors to the Junkk.com site.

It is planned that it will move, too.

And, even may get bolted onto emails too!

Just a shedload of IT jiggery-pokery to take place first. And If I'm involved with that we're up the creek from the off.

Anyway, thanks to Geof of Clickingo for getting me shot, and Dave of Sound-i for helping get it online.


Dave said...

At first I thought you'd managed to get Declan from breakfast TV!

Dave (2) said...

Who needs Declan when you've got the main man himself!!

Peter said...

Ok, ok, so I need to lose a few pounds.

Mind you, I don't think our Mr. D will thank either of you for the comparison... he wrote me a rather snotty note when I complained about them doing a 180 on what I wrote vs. what they read on BBC Brekky once.

Not quite as cuddly as first he seems.

Now, off to the gym to get more of a svelte vibe going.