Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Trouble with targets

As a morning diversion I decided to take this quiz: Highway Code

I failed. And it is an interesting metaphor to the target obsessed culture we live in why.

To pass you are allowed one miss in ten. One I am ashamed to say I did miss was a question on guide dogs. Though I would have to say any dog I treat with caution when driving, no matter what.

The other, and the one which 'failed' me, was on the diatnce you could park from a junction. I put the minimum too far away.

So I was 'wrong' by being over-cautious.

I dread to think what other numpty questions, especially key ones on safety or daft ones on 'procedure' there are in there that won't sift out good drivers and common sense driving from bad, but will tick some boxes.

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