Monday, November 19, 2007

A cross between Nixon & Mr. Bean

We don't often feature non-enviro posts on Junkk, but I'm allowing myself a slight diversion into the world of pure (sic) politics.

That post title is the excoriating description of our PM, Ol' Golden, by the Daily Express.

"Only five months into his Premiership Brown shows all the signs of becoming a unique creation: the gruff, unbalanced mediocrity of 'Tricky Dicky' Nixon mixed with the comic absurdity of Mr Bean. No wonder so many Britons seem desperate to leave the country."

I have to confess that I hadn't realised that his ratings had fallen as far in the polls as they suggest. Though to be fair, Ol' Golden's been that quiet of late, I'd almost forgotten he was our PM.

Oh, just for fun, here's the Daily Mail's take on our "constipated" and "dysfunctional" government.

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Peter said...

In my Junkkly/Editorial role, I have to stress that the blog does not reflect the views of the site, which is purely informational, if occasionally subjective.

Speaking personally, I am essentially apolitical, and dislike tags as they are meaningless. My views on things from health to defence to the environment would put me in pretty much every camp at once.

The incumbent government, and those that claim to lead it, will of course cop the majority of critiques. They are the ones doing things (or not) and, more importantly, have had 10 years to sort out where they are, and are going. Trouble is, they get to take us with 'em. And I am not sure it is up.

By way of some balance, I can't say much I see or hear from elsewhere exactly inspires me much either.