Monday, November 19, 2007

A world dying

That's the first part of a headline to an article in the Independent yesterday about how the warming planet threatens a huge number of the earth's species with extinction. Can we unite to save it? ..... That's the rest of the header. A good question to which I don't know the answer, but given the general lack of interest that the media has shown in the IPCC's latest outputs which is telling us to act now or else, I guess it will go unanswered anyway.

Now one of the supposed guaranteed methods of saving the earth from an untimely end is carbon sequestration, whereby CO2 is captured and pumped down into the earth in vast quantities. I'd always assumed that this was a safe and secure mechanism, but having read this from the Environment News Service, I'm not quite so sure now.

And to cap it all, we have Ol' Golden yet again being highly visible at talking the talk, but doing sweet Fanny Adams, as reported by Capital Radio. He seems excellent at big announcements and useless on action. "we must show leadership and take the first and largest responsibility". OK, if you are listening Gordon, if you really mean that, you could start by taking some of the £29.3 billion you have already pilfered in green taxes and using it to provide better insulation in the millions of UK houses that are inadequately covered at the moment - that could be a massive saving in CO2 emissions for a minor capital outlay. And while you're at that you could also stop providing real disincentives for renewables.

Fat chance!

Blogpost extension:
Hey! Perhaps Ol' Golden WAS listening -
"the Prime Minister added that all houses would have to be zero-carbon by 2016, and that the Government would also give five million more homes discounted or free loft or cavity wall insulation". As reported in TimesOnline this very afternoon!

ADDENDUM (by Junkk Male, with a few highlights)

BBC - Brown to outline climate targets

High targets have been set for Britain's cut in emissions

Gordon Brown is due to give his first major speech on the environment, raising the prospect of tougher domestic targets on carbon emissions.
He will say action on climate change is urgent, but that new green industries could create thousands of jobs.

The prime minister is also expected to say that developed countries must lead the way in cutting carbon emissions.

Planned legislation sets a tough target of cutting Britain's emissions by 60% by 2050.

But Mr Brown believes there may be a case for going even further and may commit to what could be as much as a doubling of the targets to produce renewable energy by 2020.

It is understood he has been persuaded by the Department of the Environment's arguments that Britain must meet European obligations on wind, wave and solar power.

Mr Brown's spokesman said: "The prime minister is setting out his views on major issues in a comprehensive way."

BBC political correspondent Laura Kuenssberg said the prime minister would echo recent remarks that climate change is real and urgent.

Climate change will be discussed at a forthcoming summit of Commonwealth leaders, just ahead of a UN meeting in Indonesia where a new global deal on emissions will be considered.

Inspiring stuff, no?

No. As you've so rightly highlighted, it's all talk, might, could, expected to, considered, and yet more bloody targets! (Dave)

ADDENDUM 2 - Japan eyes demographic time bomb

ADDENDUM 3 (Dave) - And may we introduce yet another government sponsored quango, this time under the wing of the Energy Savings Trust. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you .... drum roll ....... the
Green Homes Service. Ta da! Nice little budget though.

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Peter said...

Unless we can accept a population growth reduction to zero, and then replacement only levels thereafter, there is only a finite time anyway for any other species bar our own.

In one Star Wars episode there is a 'city planet'. Unless we are talking zoos, there will be no room for polar bears or tigers there.

Hence I find the use of these creatures as poster kids for the cause of MWCC a bit silly. We'll be getting 'em more directly waaay before the weather does.

And as you'll have gathered, I am astounded how the latest (maybe that's the problem, at least in how shared - Wolf may be coming! Wolf IS coming: not sure when! Wolf is here...oops!) IPCC report warranted so little coverage. It was all but gone by Sunday in most media, even the BBC. At least as a serious issue. I'm afraid I don't count ''s climate change, so start using a scooter. Meanwhile, from Bali our team of...' as credible.

As to pumping it away earthwards, I guess it IS a notion (albeit unproven and pretty economically intensive), but as I am on a movie-citing bent have shades of 'Total Recall' in mind (what goes down may come up!). But surely it's just another mitigator to delay reduction?

As to our Dear Leader, all it took was for the BBC to tell me what he would be saying, and that would be 'blah, bbalh...' and I don't even consider what issues from his mouth worth the time of day. Or they choose to pump out either, really.

But as you have decided to catch his attention, here's my bolt on:

'What 'e said.... With a cherry on top'.