Monday, November 19, 2007

"Hubris clobbered by nemesis"

A fascinating piece on Science Fiction and climate change from Brian Aldiss in today's Guardian.
He argues that our planet's dire state "makes the imaginative leaps of dystopian SF writers redundant".


Peter said...


You are a shoo-in for a BBC reporter, matey!

After the wordplay from the Editors in Ariel, their Blog and the Grauniad to explain why the people should be protected from having opinions, this Herculean Greek (well, Mediterranean) headline combo gets my vote.

Actually I can trace a lot of my 'mental leaps' back to a teacher who decided we could specify SF as our 'free' subject.

From the weather of Blade Runner to the tasty snack choices of Soylent Green, it is all coeming true.

I don't think that makes them redundant; more required reading (those who are doomed/history repeating itself 'n all).

A lot more potent than some CGI 'what if' or 'when it' these days, that over-eggs the cake and is braodcast with a BBC special, live from Antarctica... 'where the polar bear pups are dying because there were so many crews here the helicopter landed on 'em'.

Dave said...

Errrm, just realised that you think I penned the header. Sorry to disappoint but, no, its taken from the article by Brian Aldiss.

Peter said...

Ah well, at least I was convinced that along with the brain of a Brunel or Newton or Archimedes there also beat the heart of a classical scholar!