Friday, January 04, 2008

Accolades on toast

At least between a snake and a ladder you can eat the snake (tastes like chicken:). Sadly, I remain unsure of the relative nutritional values of a swing and/or a roundabout.

Anyhoo, while it does not (yet) put food on the table), the mail has brought another accolade, this time from FMCG Magazine's 'Best of 2007'.

What is also worthy of note is that the headline feature in this annual round up of all that is great and good in the world of what we consume is by the Director of Sustainability and Competitiveness of the Food and Drinks Federation.

His first line on the vision of the industry for 2008: 'Making a real difference for the environment'.

Ready when they are.


Dave said...

That's a hell of a good write up for Re:Tie in a widely read business mag. Here's hoping one of the big packaging boys picks up on it.

Peter said...

Ta. An appreciated sentiment, as aways!

After the disappointment of missing the major IP award, a few nice things have crept in.

There was this, of course, now proudly stuck on all my marketing materials already, but I've also been offered a grad student on work placement next month by a local Uni, and just had a grant body get in touch to see if they can help me with some research that they have some funding to support.

Of course neither help me eat any better, but both will be very helpful/useful to move RE:tie forward some more, and also

The research especially, as it's highly specfic nature means that I can only direct it in a narrow area. But it's one that has needed for a while, namely turning the site's traffic into media spend.

I am really hoping I have the numbers now to start monetising it all properly.

Then we can start on our gizmo design. And as far as I can gather, the only thing that's frustrated my planet-saving aspirations to date is not having a 'thing' that we can make for £x and then sell for £10x worldwide!