Friday, January 04, 2008

Not the message intended?

I too, have followed the one laptop per child cause quite carefully (from my laptop), so when I came across this it was of interest: Intel says bye to One Laptop

Sadly, or maybe I should say fortunately, where once the BBC weighing into a clear example of corporate abuse would have had me onside, I now find myself wondering about the full... accurate... story (a few avenues raised already in the thread replies). Nice one, guys.

Anyway, another thing popped into my head as I read:

'Yes, it is truly awful when a corporation says one thing but does another.

Just wondering why, with climate change and all, the BBC felt the need for two technology correspondents (you can never have enough of those to promote endless new consumer must-have juice gobblers) to go to the same far flung outpost?

Speaking of which, I hope Las Vegas is nice this time of year, too.'

I can see it now: 'Ah... but this is different. This is our job.' And no irony plugging the latest i-Tat in the same segment as the blonde and bouffant scold us on our wasteful ways.

Reuters - Intel drops out of One Laptop Per Child program

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