Friday, January 04, 2008

Why am I not surprised?

Government set for another missed target.

Now that's something that doesn't happen very often, isn't it?

ADDENDUM (by Junkk Male) - Depends what you mean by 'often', I guess. This took a few hours: Suffolk puts "aspirational" 60% recycling target on ice

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Peter said...

Me either. I was inspired to add:

"So, again, it's ready, aim... who really cares?

This target culture, with careers and even bonusses being forged more on process - despite what I'd have thought should be more on result (at least, to the planet in terms of enviROI+) - this is getting to be a bit of a bad joke.

Vast commitments of time and money to setting them, trying/pretending to meet them (even if the others in the EU don't)... and then spinning out of failing... again. Mainly by grasping the next quick fix to play with.

About the only constant is the vast industry that surrounds this rather self-serving, insular game of pointless government.

So do I feel my kids and their futures (in any form, economic or environmental) are being served well currently by the policies I'm seeing, and the track-records of those setting them?