Friday, January 04, 2008

A tale of two 'e's

Here's something you won't read too often on these pages: I feel sorry for the PM.

And not just him, but any politician these days.

The reason is that screen grab from my daily Indy.

Because those two sequential headlines epitomise the rock and hard place that anyone in power faces, especially and ironically when it comes to... power: economy vs. environment.

Ignoring any enviROi considerations/arguments for the moment, just look at those in terms of stark political choices.

No one said/says it's going to be easy, but one things for sure... I don't feel too keen on trying to warm my home on endless supplies of the Brown stuff: fudge.

ADDENDUM - thank heavens I put in that caveat about the envROI! As I was posting this Dave is posting the same thing with a much more focused view on the detail.

Unlike many arguments, and I see Dave and I maybe diverging, at least on a pragmatic basis, when it comes to the realities vs. ideals for such as nuclear in the future, the lack of carbon capture in the design seems plain bonkers.

Indy - A test of the Government's environmental credentials

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