Friday, January 04, 2008

'Sheer negligence'

From today's Indy, commenting on the proposal to build a new coal fired power station in Kent. (Hell, the project doesn't even include for any CO2 capture! Though the 'new technology' is 20% more efficient than older coal fired power stations.)

"The Government is also neglecting the energy conservation and micro-generation front. Mr Brown has promised new environmental regulations for new housing. But much more is needed to encourage conservation in the existing housing stock. Why have government grants for the installation of domestic renewable energy systems been cut? Why is there no right for households to sell domestically-generated power back to the grid, as exists in numerous other countries? This is not the excusable behaviour of a government caught on the horns of a difficult energy dilemma; it is sheer negligence."


From UKWatch.Net, taken from CIF, and clearly stating just why coal simply cannot be the way forward.

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