Monday, October 19, 2009

For all those who suffered at last week's BIS show's 'media day'

Greenbang: We’re all about news, not nonsense

And here's some other thoughts on that:

Gordon Kelly
(via ShinyKatie) What pompous anti-PR self important journalist crap: "If it’s not news, we’re not interested" [thx genius]

As one who can see both sides of the coin, especially having been at and trying to promote a show, I tend to err on the notion of 'if you can't say anything good, shut the heck up', but will try and be more productive with : 'If it grabs you, great. If not, there is always the delete key'.

What I mostly witnessed last week by way of the great and good of the media world at 'work' was enough to reduce one to tears, and not just in frustration.

Our 4th estate is mainly just in a state, and for one to try and presume they have a higher ground above others, especially those simply trying to work with them in the cause of sharing a story with a potentially interested audience is... 'quaint'.

I can see Greenbang are trying to correct the fact that most 'news' is anything but, and most reporting is press releases rebranded or tat that will get ratings, and all with near zero thought from 'reporters' or 'editors', but I'd say they have chosen the wrong targets and in the wrong way.

And are now reaping the 'benefits'.


Didn't take long for the first example of our highly professional modern 'news' media at work to arrive:

Girls and Boys were not so alone in Channel 4 reality show

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