Monday, October 19, 2009

It... was... good to be back

Gordon Brown to warn of heatwaves and flooding if climate change deal fails

I already have a problem with this new reporting trend of telling us what folk 'will say'.

And hence, when I switched on a wee while ago to hear him saying it, I was even more crushed by the clunkiness of the message than its mere delivery managed.

The man is the kiss of death to any decent message on any worthy topic.

Telegraph - Forget Al Gore: Gordon Brown is the new Scaremonger in Chief - at least Al Gore has been concerned consistently for decades. As opposed to the last few sound bites.

Ch 4 - NEW - an email intro: CLIMATE CHANGE

Having saved the world from economic disaster, Gordon Brown has set forth to save the climate change summit in Copenhagen.

He has hijacked an economic forum of leaders gathered in London to deliver a speech in which he declares "there are 50 days to save the climate".

It comes at a time when the possibility that America might just manage to come up with some serious measures in time for Copenhagen, is becoming stronger.

Tonight, the chances that Copenhagen will either be scuppered or succeed. We will be talking live to Washington for an assessment of where the critical votes in the US senate now lie.

PM warns of 'catastrophic' climate future:
Copenhagen: deal or no deal?:

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