Monday, October 19, 2009

Talking the talk, walking the dog

A few decades back, a Unipart commercial scrolled up my TV screen and then, at the end, proudly exclaimed: 'The answer's yes... now what's the question?'.

Now I return to these shores after a career spanning the world, it would be 'The answer is no, as it might go wrong and I'll be blamed'.

And after waaaay too many sessions (funded by the taxpayer) with various quangos and their employees, despite their being in an ideal position to matchmake complementary talents, they all still give me 5 half days just to drop dosh on me so long as I tick a box, and totally fail to understand that what makes innovation pay is a team that takes creation to sale; and not every good idea is generated by a person capable of, much less skilled in drawing up 10 year projections that suggest targets that need to be set but never met once signed off.

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