Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The friend of my enemy is no longer my friend?

The green betrayal

It needed commentary.

Sorry to be flip, but I did wonder to what extent our media report on government based on stances taken in other media.

Because I do suspect that while he may have scored a hit with a greater readership (if not votership), our Dear Leader's grasping the nettle of the massive environmental issue that is plastic bags may have not gone down quite as well elsewhere as it did in the Daily Mail.

Rightly so. And though the audience base in papers such as the Indy does not compare, their front pages do get a lot of on-air profile.

And that headline doesn't mince words.

What is worrying is what follows - Green lobby turns on Government over failure to curb air and road travel - as that smacks of something divisive, which often means divide and, well, if not rule, fail to persuade.

However, the facts are clear, and don't make impressive reading, especially for a spin-obsessed government.

Trying to balance environmental imperatives and economic drivers is not an enviable task, but may trying to appear (whilst cynically not even attempting to 'be') all things to all people, such substance-lite, spin-over-decision fudge (what I think you get trying to mix Brown and green) is proving to be nothing to anyone.

Indy - Brown bowls a no-ball - Read and weep. This is what our national followership has brought us to.

Indy - Darling has the chance to practise what he preaches - Note the last section.

Indy - Rural dwellers are the victims of betrayal - And no one said it would be easy. Most eco-initiatives, especially regarding making us pay to travel (which we are either forced by circumstance, or addicted to) will hit hardest where?

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