Wednesday, March 05, 2008


I thought I'd float it.

It's another 'green'-prefixed descriptor that might be applied to behaviour (often of the celeb kind) when 'greenwashing' or 'greencloaking' as applied to products/services and their pr/marketing messages really doesn't apply.

I can actually see it as part of a sequence, starting with 'greenspinning' and maybe ending with 'greensnapping'?

What has inspired this?

Well, it was just watching the BBC News with HRH Prince Charles, missus and entourage on their latest visit (I am sure there is a better word for its function) to somewhere a long way away, hot and sunny.

Anyway, it seems the big news is that to make the effort more eco, and PR it in that way, they are going to tour the area in a yacht.

So... let's get this straight. In the unlikely event I win the lottery (or RE:tie inspires a big cheque next week) and fulfill my dream of a Greek Island-hopping holiday (several years either in a wet tent or visiting relatives beginning to pall), I can actually claim I've gone eco because a bit of it is swanning about on a boat with sails?

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