Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Every now and again you find something that attempts justification which is very difficult to comprehend, occasionally you come across something where such attempted justification appears insane. This from Reuters is one such. It attempts to justify whaling because the CO2 emissions associated with whaling are less than those associated with rearing beef!

What's next? Someone suggesting cannibalism as a low CO2 emission activity? Mind you, (tongue firmly in cheek), the planet is rather overpopulated isn't it?

Whale meat again,..... don't know where,.... don't know when..........

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Peter said...

More hilarious! Who says those Vikings don't have a good sense of humour? Gotta love their PR guys' big idea!

And in that spirit, it was too good to miss:

You know, they may be onto something here.
Now, if we could just sort out the odd ethical and moral issue (as we seem to be setting precedents already - being secure that some celestial doo-dad with an attitude is not going to lob up to chat with their Humpback Homies (Star Trek… er 3?) that may crop up, how’s about looking at cannibalism? Sorts out a raft of climate-related issues all in one: food supply, over-population…